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Functions of Marketing

This page can help you understand what marketing is and how to use it in practice. It can also help you align your knowledge and efforts and cut down on the confusion or misdirection.

The basic functions of marketing are...


Get New Clients - No new clients = no growth. No growth = slow, painful death.


Increase Order Volume - "I'll take 5 this time instead of 2; I've found a new use for your product." - "Let's do a half, instead of a quarter; That should increase my effectiveness even more."


Increase Order Frequency - "I felt so good after that last session, let's do that twice a week instead of once." - "I know I was only in here last week, but I'm out again already."


Don't Lose the Clients You Already Have - We call this the one-half function, because it's not really a function. It is so fundamental that it goes without saying.

I'll be honest with you... I already knew a lot about marketing when I first heard these functions, but my knowledge was swimming around in this huge vat of random facts and strategies. It was sometimes difficult to sort out the right one at the right time.

When I heard these functions, it was one of the great enlightening moments of my career. Over the next few moments all of my knowledge and experience found its way into a place in a simple, comprehensive outline of what does what.

''hmmm, that goes here{tick}. That goes over there{tick}. That {tick) this {tick}
tick-tick-tick...' 'Got it!'
That's what it was like for me.

I challenge you to let your mind explore the implications of these functions. I left this page simple and without much function intentionally. I didn't want you to be thrilled by awesome graphics. I wanted you to be inspired and enlightened by the quality of the information it holds.


George Melton - Owner; Blue Granite Media