Unbelievable? That's unlikely. Today's market will not trust you if you make unsubstantiated claims.

Advertising Presentation
This page will
tell you a little more about how to present your collateral more productively

This ad is also inherent with some common advertising mistakes.
We'll point them out for you, as well as help you familiarize
yourself with some fundamental ad building concepts.

Unless you are a financial institution, nobody probably cares how long you've been in business. Nothing personal, people just care more about what they're looking for than they do your business.
OK, so you have the reader's attention with a starburst. What substance have you given them to validate this technique? Are you sure its not just hype?
What's with the nails? They have nothing to do with the work you would use an Adze for. An irrelevant associative cue can be construed as demeaning and worse than no que at all.
Even if you are using a transitional ad campaign, you
will still need to pitch benefits as opposed to features. Also, assume that the reader knows what anatomically correct and tendonitis mean. Everybody hears some kind of news.
Your customers are not going to write you a snail mail from this ad. Instead, put a more user friendly email address here. It will encourage interaction.
Transactional ads are all about creating a sense of urgency, for whatever reason, in the potential customer. There are several ways to do it constructively. Just remember, don't overdo it or it will seem like nothing more than hype, and in that case will be cast off from the reader's mind as the proverbial 'crap sandwich'.

In most cases, there are only a small number of businesses that should consider a transactional campaign. Some of these can be:
grocery stores (especially if they need to get rid of some meat)
auction houses (they really do have 'one-time inventory')
Seasonal outlets ("We don't want to hold that inventory to sell next year. Let's move it.")

Someone who is looking for an Adze probably already knows its history, and if they don't, then teaching them about it will not make them want to buy one. Also, using this type of phrasing has forced you to be 'politically correct' in having to say: "some of the worst".

Another mistake concerns one
of the main features of this product: its colorful handle.
This should be a color ad.

Show features, pitch benefits.

Also, too many exclamation points. People buy benefits,
not hype.

red = mouse over
blue = popup glossary

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The above ad is an example of a Transactional Ad. In some general terms, if ANY of the things in the brown colored boxes is true or if ANY of the things in the blue boxes is not true about your business, clients or advertising material... then you should really consider a Relational Client Strategy, which includes your advertising being brand based rather than transaction based.